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9 simple tips to grow your business via PR in one minute, one hour or one day

Market Insights

Tim Campbell shares tips on how to build effective email marketing campaigns

Sales & Marketing

Are you using email marketing to grow your business but not seeing the results you want? In the third part of this Guardian series of three interviews, Apprentice winner Tim Campbell, shares his quick tips for more effective email campaigns that will hopefully lead to business growth.

Codis Maya look to go global with their unique accessory business

Business Planning

Codis Maya is a British jewellery and accessory business, run by mother and daughter team Roshini and Lia. As winners of Worldpay’s UK small business competition, in partnership with the Guardian, Codis Maya received bespoke advice on the best options for their global expansion.

Tim Campbell shares a step by step guide on search engine optimisation

Market Insights

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a method used to ensure your business ranks highly in internet search results, therefore increasing the visitors to your website. In the second part of this Guardian series of three interviews, Apprentice winner and founder of Bright Ideas Trust, Tim Campbell, shares his SEO tips.

Alternative new year financing: New options to fund SME growth

Business Planning

It’s tough getting access to funds to help you grow your business; around half of all applications from first-time SME borrowers are rejected. The answer lies with the fast-growing alternative finance sector.

Tim Campbell offers his tips for using PR effectively in small business

Market Insights

In the first part of this Guardian series of three interviews with Tim Campbell, the Worldpay small business expert and Apprentice winner shares his tips on public relations.

The online best practice tips that can help this small business and yours

Business Planning

Host Unusual is an online database showcasing the most unusual places to stay in the UK. Chosen as a winner in Worldpay’s UK small business competition, Host Unusual is now receiving advice on SEO and other online business best-practices in order to develop in the right way.

How to be smarter with your time in 2017

Business Planning

One day a week is spent on admin by the average small business owner. Spend less time on admin in 2017 and still be smarter with your business data – use online planning tools and put the pen and paper away.

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